Fujian Yong'an Coal Industry Co., Ltd. and our company do a website construction project

Date: 2019-11-26 09:48:23
Fujian Yong'an Coal Industry Co., Ltd. chose our company's pet supplies website case. Its website construction is characterized by underground mining of coal; coal, coal products, and needle textiles are committed to Internet brand building and online marketing. Specialized fields include website building, E-commerce, mobile Internet marketing, system platform development, and other services cover basic domain name services and hosting services. Fujian Yong'an Coal Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a qualified company audited by the Yongan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. Its unified social credit code is 91350001581435383. Company Address: No. 566, Yanjiang East Road, Yong'an City.
Yong'an Coal Industry Co., Ltd. was established in December 2000 by the reorganization of the former Fujian Yong'an Mining Bureau and Shangjing Mining Bureau. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian Energy Group Co., Ltd. and a key coal production in Fujian Province. Enterprises and one of the 100 key enterprises. The company's organization is located in Shangjing Town, Datian County. At the same time, Yong'an Mining Area Management Office is set up in Yong'an Jiafu. The mining area spans Yongan and Datian counties. The company's main products are high-quality anthracite, washed lump coal, thermal coal, etc., while operating small hydropower (installed capacity of nearly 6,000 kilowatts), shares in Quanzhou Nanpu Power Plant and other raw coal-related industries.
积累了丰富的经验;同时在该行业的网站建设等多元化的网站建设领域中也有很多的成功的案例;但愿通过我们的合作,能够帮助到合作伙伴在同行业中遥遥领先。 In cooperation with Fujian Yong'an Coal Industry Co., Ltd., our company has accumulated rich experience in the website construction of the energy management industry operated by this company; meanwhile, it also has a lot of diversified website construction fields such as website construction in this industry. Successful cases; I hope that through our cooperation, we can help our partners to be far ahead in the industry.
Our company not only provides website construction, website production, website promotion, website development, web design, website construction and other services, but also covers basic domain name services, cloud hosting services, corporate email, cloud servers, network marketing and other application services, and Quickly seize the Internet market. We sincerely serve you and welcome you.
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