Fujian Jinjiang Water Supply Co., Ltd. and our company do website development projects

Date: 2019-11-25 09:28:27
Fujian Jinjiang Water Supply Co., Ltd. selected the case of our company's pet supplies website. Its website construction is characterized by tap water production and supply consulting services; centralized water supply. Corporate website construction helps traditional enterprises to establish an image, display corporate style, product promotion, reduce material costs, build a corporate brand, highlight business scope, demonstrate corporate strength, and improve corporate efficiency. Fujian Jinjiang Water Supply Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a qualified company audited by the Jinjiang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. Its unified social credit code: 91350000741696906G. Company address: Meiling Industrial Zone, Qingyang Town, Jinjiang City.
In order to solve the problem of low management efficiency of public-owned state-owned enterprises, Jinjiang Qingyang Waterworks was successfully restructured into Fujian Jinjiang Waterworks Co., Ltd. with the approval of the Fujian Provincial People's Government. In March 2004, the company further introduced the private shareholder Jinjiang Xiecheng Meifeng Investment Co., Ltd., and adhered to the principles of institutionalization, standardization, humanization, and marketization to establish rules and establish a business philosophy of responsibility, service, value, and safety. To actively promote employees to change their minds and ideas, enhance the company's competitiveness with wisdom and rationality, and realize the value of each employee with culture and mechanisms. A modern enterprise management system has been initially established to realize the first leap in the company's growth process. By the end of 2015, after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, the company's various operating indicators have been in the leading position in the industry. Without adjusting the water price for 19 years (1999), the company has achieved profits and taxes of more than 80 million yuan, which is a corporate restructuring Ten times before.
,与该公司的合作,更多的客户让我们公司为其提供网页设计,通过每一次合作,我们公司不断完善自己,同时希望合作伙伴在经营的路上越来越好。 In the cooperation between our company and Fujian Jinjiang Water Supply Co., Ltd., we provided web design for the personal care and purification industry operated by this company. In cooperation with this company, more customers let our company provide web design for them. With one cooperation, our company constantly improves itself, and at the same time hopes that the partners are getting better and better on the way to business.
Our company not only provides website construction, website production, website promotion, website development, web design, website construction and other services, but also integrates business strategies, technology implementation, and emotional links into Internet design to create a dynamic website visual and marketing experience, combined with online Resources to achieve effective value dissemination, enhance customers' trust in the value of the brand, and create valuable brand marketing experiences. We sincerely serve you and welcome you.
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